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How much should I tip pizza delivery drivers?

It is very common to order pizza delivery for a board game night or whenever you want to skip the dishes. Pizza is an easy and delicious dish to share with your family and friends especially when you have picky eaters around. With innovative products like gluten-free crust and gourmet ingredients, pizza is a popular option among Americans, and during these pandemic times, the demand for pizza delivery keeps growing. Most people who’ve ever ordered pizza (or any other food delivery service) most likely have wondered how much to tip the driver. Tipping is a weird thing, while it is technically not mandatory, skipping the tip for the delivery driver is considered abusive or rude. If you don’t want to tip your delivery person, we strongly recommend you to order food for pick up instead. For orders of $20 or less, people usually offer a minimum tip of $3 but if you think about it and ask yourself if you would make the same trip for $3 bucks, you might want to increase that amount. It is strongly recommended to tip at least $5 dollars no matter how much the total cost is. For more expensive orders, it is customary to offer between 10% and 15% of the total bill.  Another thing to consider when tipping food delivery drivers is the weather conditions. During harsh weather such as snow, heavy rain, or hail, you should consider tip at least 15% to 20%. 

Usually, pizza delivery drivers are paid minimum wage (or even less) and expose their lives driving around town so you can enjoy a freshly made pizza without leaving your home, that is why tipping is quite important. 

 Some drivers get paid a small amount for every delivery to help with the cost of gas but in some cases, they have to cover this expense without any help from the company. You also have to consider that delivery drivers usually have to pay for their own insurance and wear and tear on their vehicles and maintenance fees. As you can see, working as a delivery person is a hard job so your tips really make a difference to the driver. 

If you got terrible service from the company, your driver was late or the food was cold and you decide not to tip, the least that you can do is call the store and let them know you had a bad experience. Most of the time, the problem with the delivery has nothing to do with the driver. In many cases, the issue is with the kitchen staff who took a long time or with a manager who assigned way too many orders to the same delivery guy. So if you had a problem with your order, the best thing you can do is at least give the driver a small tip and complain directly to the restaurant, that way they can improve and make changes in their system, and if you are lucky they might offer you a coupon for your future order.

Published by bigmamapizza

Here at BMPP Pizzas, we're passionate about what we add to our food. Our chefs only use high-quality ingredients, seasoning, and cheeses to make delicious dishes that will leave you mouthwatering. Whether it's for a casual dinner or something more special like your birthday party, we have the pizza, calzone, and pasta to make this night one-of-a-kind with the fastest pizza delivery service in the area. If you are not satisfied with your BMPP experience, we will make it right by refunding your money, Given If No More Than 30% Of the Pizza Is Consumed.

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